On March 11th 2011 a friend, Japan, was struck by multiple incomprehensible forces that even the most accurate news media couldn't make seem like anything other than a surreal scene from an over-the-top disaster film.  Within seconds, thousands of souls were swept away, within minutes changing everything once so absolute.As of April 19th 2011, the death toll has climbed to 14,001 with an additional 13,660 still missing.  While these numbers seem distant as just figures apt to change, if we consider the emotional ramifications of what just one loss might cause us, I think we would be left in silence with no way to explain or gauge how we'd feel or what we'd do in such a situation.  While a wave of furry crashed down upon your lands and swept away souls that were taken too soon, a wave of reality stormed the world.  This force made no distinctions on ethnic background, religious faith, or material wealth.

          While the media is known for strictly adhering to its, "if it bleeds, it leads" rule, cameras rolling in Japan showing devastation are also reporting something else to the world; acts of kindness, courageous feats for what sometimes may seem like a small return, and continuous compassion even in the most hopeless of situations. Although I cannot speak for everyone, I can say for myself… Japan, through my eyes you have served as an example to the world.  In your darkest moment, you are showing your finest hour.  Citizens, friends of Japan, you have made us proud.  Although we cannot replace the loss you have endured, may the world be a beacon of support to light your country for your journey ahead.

What started off as a small, kind endeavor to bring a few voices within the California, Bay Area community together to give support to Japan became a worldwide event unexpectedly.The goal was to let Japan know we cared. Fifty different nations with over one hundred strangers, now friends joined together to make this message clear.

        To all those involved in the making of this video… it is because of YOU that is was possible!  Your hearts, your souls, your voices and love made this video into a feat that rarely occurs.  While these feelings of kindness may always be within many around the world, I can't personally note another time in history that this has happened without it being a commercial endeavor… even then, the quality I feel exceeds that.  I salute all of you for caring, seeing past each others' differences and coming together in a time of need to aid a country that we all love and that is part of the world we all live in.

Although we cannot predict when nature will strike, we can depend on each other to rise to whatever occasion is necessary in order to rebuild, sustain, and thrive!

Japan, take comfort in our love as we take comfort in your courage! 

Thank you friends all around the world! 


A Song For Japan...