A Song For Japan...
What is it?
This is a video production of a song inclusive of students, citizens and the general community worldwide that is meant to serve as a catalyst for lifting the morale and financing the restoration of Japan.  
- from the entire world!
Our Mission
Bringing people together around the world free of race, religion, & material wealth to help lift morale, shed the world of cultural boundaries, and help those in need.

How can I help?
Spread the word, spread the smiles and if you'd like to help financially, please feel free to purchase the song via iTunes*, Amazon, or Rhapsody. The proceeds will be going to the  American Red Cross (for Japan) which is working in conjunction with the Japanese Red Cross.   

51  different countries
45 different languages
& over a 100 voices
    lend a hand for Japan!
                 …care to lend yours?